The Halo Pack

The Halo Pack is a unique set of FOUR tubes, highly polished to create unique flares and rings in your photography. These Halos work best in low setting sun or with off camera flash where the results are endless and the quest for the perfect halo can really excite and push your photography!

Used by Neil Redfern!

UK photographer, educator and co-founder of the Flash Masters community uses The Halo Pack to create flare in his photographs as shown on his YouTube Channel!

Neil and I became friends after I joined his Patreon Group which is one of the BEST value for money photography training investments you can make. He has DAYS of content on there as well as creating a great, friendly and supportive community. You can sign up to Neil's Patreon and join him, me and many others discussing and helping each other to further our photography.

Sunset Portraits by Neil redfern

Image by Neil Redfern -

The Halo Pack

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The Halo Pack comes with it's own carry bag with each Halo polished and smoothed to create the best reflections and ease of use.