For Photographers..

Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits are great fun and a brilliant addition to a wedding gallery. They are however tricky to shoot and it's not always easy to create dynamic images with a lot of depth unless you have some guests very close to your lens waving sparklers in front of it. Unfortunately you only get one go at a fast paced and dimmly lit sparker exit!

I'm offering a huge pack of my sparkler overlays that allow you to easily add depth to your sparkler exit shots and make your images a lot more dynamic without the risk to your hair or camera from guests waving sparklers too close to you!!

With so many weddings this year being resheduled to different seasons and often darker seasons the sparkler shot is a guaranteed way of wowing your clients and future clients too!

Click the BUY NOW button below to get 600 sparkler overlays! The pack consists of 200 different images in three different colour temperatures (2700K, 3900K and 6000K) so you can get the exact look to match your style! The pack also includes instructions on how to blend the overlays in Photoshop.

The first 50 photographers get this huge pack at an introductory price of only £20!